Light up Equal eDucation


To create a media-wise production, along with the use of stastics, in order to raise awareness. The production will be posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube for evaluation.


Vancouver secondary school students.


2-6 people per group

Production (one of the following):

1. static (i.e. poster/comic strip, etc.)


2. moving (, etc.)

     -> 3-5 minutes

Competition Length:

5 weeks in total

-> 3 weeks of production

-> 2 weeks of evaluation



Mar 1 – Apr 1      Registration

Apr 6                   Orientation

Apr 7                   Compeition officially starts (teams are allowed to                                 quit at this stage)

Apr 11                 Copy of initial proposal (will give feedback & no                                   more quitting after submission)



Apr 16                 Halfway check up (second edition of proposal)

Apr 20                 Presentation

Apr 6 – Apr 20    Production period

Apr 20 – May 4  Evaluation period

May 4                 Evaluation Presentation and Results


  1. Plagiarism is forbidden
  2. Cannot use Buy Likes but can use paid official marketing programs
  3. Submission after deadline will not be accepted.
  4. Appropriate use of words and respect of culture.
  5. Follow copyright act and privacy act.
  6. Respect local businesses and residents.
  7. Quitting competition after the first submission of plan is NOT ALLOWED.


1 Overall Winner and 3 Categoy Winner


Overall Winner: All the money donated will be in the team members’ name

Category Winner: Acknowledgement in the category (certificates and medals)

All other parcipants: Certificates and medals

Notes: Every participant will take and receive a group photo