About EE 

Our Mission Statement

The Equal Education organization, also known as the Double E organization, strives to create equaleducation opportunities around the world through emotional and mental support. Our ultimate goal is to equalize as many regions as possible, while the main focus is in African children. Our programs focus on the exchange of communication through letters and online-meetings on a one-on-one basis — one volunteer with one child. Each pair would discuss about their school life and education opportunities in a way that strives for the equalization of education.


Our Executive Management Team

Nancy Li, CEO (Chief Executive Officer)


A grade 12 graduating student at Prince of Wales Secondary School in Vancouver. EE initiator with the position of CEO. She always hold an interest in games and computer programming. She is also an avid contributor to her school and society through numerous volunteering event. Her role of president at the school Ambassador Club for 5 years offered her mature experience in planning, organizing, and executing. She grew up in a poor city before immigration, thus there is a deeper connection to children in poverty.


Eva Fang, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)


A grade 10 student at Prince of Wales Secondary School in Vancouver. Has 2 years of experience in school club management. Responsible for marketing activities, facilitating growth in EE. She is creative and can quickly react with changing circumstances. She had numerou experiences in helping child in poverty, and with these experiences, she will make EE better.


Amy Fang, CFO ( Chief Financial Officer)


A grade 10 student at Prince of Wales Secondary School in Vancouver. As CFO, Amy is interested in accounting, business strategy and financial management. Amy took three years of business courses at her school and has 2 years of experience managing in a school club. As a chief financial officer, Amy has good math ability and communication skills. She has worked closely with EE ’s leadership since her arrival. She grew up in a family that has some business background, and this made her become more interested in financial terms.


Gavin Yin, CTO(Chief Technology Officer)


A grade 10 student in Canada Star Secondary school. His position of the (name of competition)  is CTO. He does well in Mathematics and analyzing the information especially the data. In his school time, he has won several math competitions in China and had a chance of leading a group to create some innovative stuff. These experiences improved his ability of creation, leadership and organization. Now he comes to Canada and hope to help (name of the competition) get better.


Erica Zhou, COO (Chief Operating Officer)


A grade 11 student currently studying at Steveston London Secondary School in Richmond. With experiences in various projects holding the post of different positions, she is a responsible Chief Operating Officer(CCO) that will oversee and manage the operations and procedures of (name of competition). Moreover, she has a thorough understanding of business functions, strategies, and development. In the last three years, she has been volunteering and holding


Organization Timeline


2017.07/08  Executive Board Found

2017.09.15  Organization Found

2017.10/11  Initialization of competition idea 

2017.11/12  Started the creation of Business Plan and Website

2018.08.30  Finished Business Plan and Website