Duration: 1 hour 30 m
directed by: Michael Cristofer
Year: 2020
Creator: Michael Cristofer






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Good cast and nice narrative buildup, slowly brewing. Works fine.
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Slow movie but the acting was alright. The two lead actors were average but did well for a movie with a dull script.

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This was a bit difficult to watch, but not horrible. For some reason this just struck me as a made-for-TV-movie; perhaps it was direction or scenery or plot or dialogue. I had great difficulty with the main character, and whether that portrayal of Asperger’s was accurate; somehow it seemed off to me. Others here have said that it’s accurate, and others inaccurate. The use of the hidden cameras is a bit odd. They make it seem that he is just doing this to mimic people, with no ill-intent, but obviously he would see all sorts of private things going on there (in the hotel rooms) and it’s not as if there is no other source for dialogue if he just wants to practice speaking. Are we to believe that the Asperger’s rendered him incapable of seeing how wrong this was? He seems to understand that he would get in big trouble if they found out about his cameras (hence his immediate removal of them following the incident) and he also seems to have some concern for the two females he perceives to be at risk in the rooms. What’s up with his inability to see the impropriety of spying on hotel guests? But the movie is OK.

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Love this movie. Great acring, great place. Worth a watch.
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