David J. Stewart Exposed! Exposing, in love, the errant ministry of David J. Stewart.

Exposing, in love, the ministry that is errant of J. Stewart.

Jesus-is-savior Trademark Dispute

During the time of this writing, David J. Stewart’s Netfirm’s account is suspended since at the least August 6, 2013. As outcome, their internet site is entirely offline.

August 15, 2013

David J. Stewart adamantly proclaims Jesus Christ as their savior throughout their internet site. You might be amazed to find out that David Stewart, in reality, has stated publicly that he is never really a Christian! We are certain that you will find people who will protect David and state we are causeing the up. However, the stark reality is the facts. Continue reading.

Listed here is an example from might 2005 of David claiming to be always a Christian. He really states it twice into the exact same paragraph:

Here’s is an illustration WayBack Machine snapshot of their web page from July 28, 2013:

Predicated on his declaration, David is either outright lying throughout their web web web site whenever he informs you that the Jesus for the Bible is their savior or simply he could be after another Christ.

This is certainly essentially the most glaring contradiction he has made. A conserved follower of christ is called a Christian. Either you follow Jesus Christ or perhaps you do not. If you’ren’t a Christian, Dav

31, 2011 january

We initially posted a write-up on July 28, 2009 that detailed the unlawful intimate conduct fees against David J. Stewart. While there are numerous who will be grateful to us for bringing these records to light and exposing David Stewart’s dishonest and hypocritical behavior, there are whom question the fees against David are real.

New information straight from Maria T. Cenzon, Director of Policy preparing and Community Relations at the Guam Judicial Center, confirms that the iven information we initially provided for you is totally real.

Of unique note will be the brand new facts about the outcome. Along with the costs against David J. Stewart for second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct being a first level felony, David Stewart has also been faced with youngster abuse as a misdemeanor. He denied the charges that are initial later plead responsible to kid punishment included in a plea agreement.

Below could be the text of this email from Ms. Cenzon providing you with the verification plus the information that is current David J. Stewart’s ongoing appropriate procedures. We now have supplied it in this structure so the text could be searchable by the se’s for effortless access that is public. We now have additionally included a display shot regarding the e-mail that is original also:

Screenshot of Guam Judicial Center email SIMPLY SIMPLY CLICK TO ENLARGE

keep in mind that Ms. Cenzon states the time and date of David J. Stewart’s next progress hearing that will be set for 14, 2011 at 9:00am february. The routine for the Superior Court of Guam is publicly published and shows hearings roughly 1 day before their scheduled time (for U.S. Site visitors) together with day that is same viewing the schedule from Guam. On February 11, 2011, David Stewart’s hearing fetlife phone number will show up in the routine for U.S. Site visitors. Here is how exactly to see the routine before the hearing date.

MODIFY 2-14-11: Here may be the screenshot regarding the Superior Court of Guam routine for 14, 2011 which serves as further proof of the charges against David february. Keep in mind that the data regarding the routine (situation quantity, date, time, judge, etc. ) precisely fits the information and knowledge given by Ms. Cenzon into the above email:

David J. Stewart’s Superior Court of Guam Hearing for 2-14-11 CLICK TO ENLARGE

This information regarding CF0032-09 People vs. David John Stewart is publicly available through the Superior Court of Guam, relating to Ms. Cenzon. Absolutely absolutely Nothing we’ve provided right here in this essay or in previous articles is restricted or private information.

December 19, 2010

There are many who apparently have actually the mistakenDavid J. Stewart’s intimate misconduct with a small is barely one thing you are wanted by him to understand about. We want become very clear that David J. Stewart isn’t the writer of this web site.